Thursday, September 4, 2008


Someone could have told me just how insane it is to navigate Medicare. Are these programs supposed to help you? It sure as hell doesn't seem that way. If my father or any person incapable of handling their business had to deal with them they would have NO benefits at all. I guess I should think twice about calling them "benefits." Because I truly wonder who it benefits. Part A, Part B, I mean they might as well have Part Z! And let's not forget the GAP or the Doughnut hole, ring..awww hell just dunk it in a glass of milk!

Okay so I did a partial vent. Now that I did spend over an hour on the phone asking a ton of questions I do have a basic understanding of Medicare. But Medicaid can kiss my you know what! I guess if you're not poor as hell there is no hope. sigh

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Krista said...

You should write everything you can about your dad. There are a lot of us out there with the same problem. Our dads have Alzheimer's/dementia. It's crucial to capture the memories. Just keep blogging as often as possible. Just a tip.